Its ok to be wrong…

I have to admit something… today was a roller coaster…situation after situation came as if the devil didn’t want me to mentally rest. You see the enemy wants you to feel as if you’re overwhelmed, or bogged down with the responsibility of doing right. Well I’m here to tell you right now the DEVIL is a LIAR! For me, the cherry on top of this crazy day was loosing something of importance. I don’t know about you, but loosing something on an already stressful day is really frustrating, BUT I had the opportunity to make the devil look like the fool he is. Instead of having a melt down I admitted that I messed up and lost something today. I’m telling you this because, No matter what, we must look at God for direction, even if that direction is down the path of apologies and making mistakes. We as Christians are not above fault. Don’t allow the devil to convince you that you do not mess up, we need God each and every day, and when we are able to acknowledge that even at our best we are still not worthy of the love of God, then we have won for the day. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect… but we serve a perfect God. Never loose sight of that, there is incredible strength in being humble. Peace

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