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During our time at home I would like to highlight questions I have received through Raising Little Geniuses LLC .

One question is as follows:

When is the right time (age) to give children in the home chores and responsibilities?

 Parents and guardians are looking for a condensed list of chores that are age appropriate for children. With everyone in the home, it is a great time to emphasize a sense of community and cohesion with all things, including chores.  I would like to highlight an incredible site where you can email, call or text to get answers to your most pressing family questions.


Maturity is the main component when matching a child with a chore. A child may be physically able to complete a task, but do they have the maturity? Can your child listen and follow directions concerning the chore?

For example, my 5-year-old would like to help with laundry. She is too young to work the machine, but she knows her colors and can help separate the items before going into the machine.

Please comment if you too have questions about children, family or cohesion. Selah


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Losing Track of Time

Does anyone else feel as if they are on the movie Groundhog Day? I am literally confusing time and forgetting the difference between one day and the next. So, this conundrum had me thinking… how can I make every day one of passion and fulfillment. How can I separate time and feel like a productive member of society even though I cannot literally be in society right now? Here is what I came up with … let me know if this helps you too.

  • Make my bed: making my bed helps me feel accomplished. It tells my mind and surroundings that the time for rest is over.
  • Doing a home workout: I have picked a few days out of the week to do a workout from YouTube. This will not only refresh your body and mind, but it will give you something to look forward to.
  • Hobby: I know there has to be something you said you would do if you had more time. Well guess what ladies and gentlemen… you now have the time! So break out the yarn, color paper, scrapbook or something that is fun and enjoy yourself.

Let me know if these tips help break the week up into enjoyable moments. Selah!


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