What do you Eat?

Many times when you have an ailment in your body and you can’t explain how it came to be, a doctor asks you to make a list of the things you eat. The concept is that you are putting something into your body that is harming you because there is no sign of destruction from the inside. A list allows the doctor to see your habits, and what you have been feeding your body, so that he can then pinpoint what is going wrong.

Today, if something is ailing you in your life, I ask… what are you eating? If you made a list of all the conversations, television, radio, friendship, and relationships you have subjected yourself to, could you put your finger on what’s hurting you the most?  Sometimes we think God is doing something to us or life has an agenda against us when that’s not true! Some of the issues we face is because we allow it into our life. We have to be careful what we eat ladies and gentlemen. God has made us in such a beautifully courageous way, but it is our responsibility to aid this flesh with the best nutrients possible. What is the best? Prayer time, positive television, uplifting friends, relationships that push you and don’t pull you down. You are in control of what occupies you mind and your heart, so it may be time to get on a spiritual diet. Take back the control and cut out whats hurting you.

Let’s throw out the toxins today! Peace

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Know your Seasons

There are times where you feel like the world around you is filled with lemon drops and lilies,But, there are some seasons where you feel like it is a struggle just to keep your head above water. It’s important for you to know that God is with you through every season of your life. It’s pleasurable to be in a season where the suns illuminates your face; but you have to stay strong for the stormy nights that may seem to cloud your thoughts, prayers and day. Know that hard times will not last too long, the tortuous season is creating in you a clean heart, and a stronger mind so that when your next victory comes along… you’ll be strong enough to handle it. Being in a stormy season doesn’t mean you’re outside of the will of God, it signifies the need to buckle down and gear up for the amazing future God has in mind for you. Don’t look for a way out of your next storm, ask God for a clear path through. Peace



Turn it around!

68868e6b28b109b2040c5318daf8325cPraise and worship are incredible weapons in this spiritual war we are fighting. Personally, I have a playlist labeled “No you wont” and when the devil is coming at me with both barrels loaded, I play my selected songs and the battle begins. Out of my mouth comes affirmations about how great God is, and how wonderfully He made us. The freedom to enjoy my day expels out of my mouth and elevates my spirit until it is in union with the Holy Spirit. You see, the devil wants you to be stressed and hopeless, but the beauty in praise and worship blossoms the reality of how great God is; moving the focus from our problem to the hands of The Almighty God who has the power to turn it all around! Make a playlist today go to war. Don’t just sit there, its time for spiritual battle! Peace

The power of a Mentor

Innovation is amazing, but without direction you may be spinning a wheel twice as hard as you have to. The word of God says there is nothing new under the sun, so your dream while fresh, may be accomplished by watching someone who has been in your place before. Having a mentor is humbling, it allows an unbiased opinion on what matters most, your purpose and ambition. I am thankful for the wonderful people who have gone before me, and long ago I made the decision to put pride aside and find someone who is doing what I want to do and follow the pattern. #gogetyourblessing #intimacychurch #learning is growing

Im talking to You!

Sometimes our greatest battle rests with ourselves. We know who we want to be, should be, could be … but there is something we battle which keeps us from reaching potential. This month I have challenged “self” and pushed to a point of desperation by cutting off something I love TV! Why, because I have to teach my flesh that it will be denied; my calling supersedes emotion or need to be coddled by entertainment. I had to tell my flesh yes, you may be emotional, or stressed, but you will perform at maximum capacity because we are representing the Kingdom of God, and there is work to be done. Comfort comes at the end of the day when you have maximized every opportunity to glorify God with the gifts and talents you were blessed with. Its time to stop working so hard to be comfortable and strive to be exceptional. The journey starts now…

What’s your lifestyle

Worship is not something we simply do at the beginning of a church service, it is a lifestyle. When we as believers come to the understanding that we serve a God who is a everything we need him to be, then we can start acknowledging God on a daily basis. You and I are living off of the promises of God whether we realize it or not. God deserves our daily love… our daily adoration… our daily compassion… not just our problems. I challenge you today, to acknowledge God thank him for today, your job, your friend, the ability to read, your health, your children, your right mind… I can go on and on! There is so much to praise God for don’t forget to thank him today.


Its time to stand up for the God in you. Obstacles, problems, stress are not of God. God tells us to bring Him our pain, anguish, and confusion. I love the song “freedom” by the walls because they speak truth. The past is history. When are you going to stand on who you are today? If you have asked Jesus to be your Lord and Savior, you no longer have to be bound by past mistakes, thoughts or occurrences. Enjoy the liberty of being forgiven! I challenge you to say a prayer of repentance, then write the things you have done on pieces of paper… take the paper and throw it way, burn it, put it under water… basically destroy it so that you can physically put it behind you. The devil wants you in a prison of shame and guilt; God said you are more than your mistakes. Welcome freedom!



A time to cry….

Life can go so fast, and at times we forget to acknowledge the humanity in it all. While it’s important to let our faith, not our feelings dictate our life, we have to remember to see a moment for what it is. We must smile when something is happy, cry when touched, and be angry when something upsets you. I like to call our emotions triggers; when those triggers are ignited, they are little floating lights guiding us to the most intimate parts of ourselves. My feelings light the path to the work I have to do from the inside out. Look inside yourself and see where you emotions lead you.