Have you Heard????

11-year-old invents backpack to stop bullying in schools

Have you heard? Makai Samuels- Paige (who was a 6th grader at the time) invented an Anti- Bullying Backpack.  Makai was unfortunately bullied in school because of his size and height. “I’m not one of the tallest sixth-graders,” said Samuels-Paige. “I’m one of the shorter ones, so when I get picked on, it makes me feel like I’m nothing, and I want to change that,” he said.

And that he did! Makai Samuels- Paige patented a backpack that has 2 camera, WIFI, GPS, & Walkie- Talkie system. This little genius has blazed the trail and found a way to solve a problem plaguing children all over the world.

Thank you, Makai Samuels- Paige for pushing past opposition and using your genius for good!


Carry the Baker

Today we are highlighting an incredible Baker blazing the trail as a mother, wife and USAF veteran who has completed two tours in Afghanistan! This CEO on the go is a God-fearing woman who has a heart of gold and a passion for spreading love through her faith and deliciously baked goods.

This “Good Girl” doesn’t mind being outspoken, funny, determined, and unashamed of being authentically herself! She says: “Baking is not only a hobby for me but also my passion. Everything is made from scratch & our secret ingredient is love 🧡.”

This champion stands on the scripture 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18 and believes in the concept of uplifting and moving the community forward through positive thought, action, and entrepreneurship. Francheska not only bakes but helps to inspire others in the community who want to learn how to discover and accomplish their highest potential. This sweetheart is all about her family and sets an example for her children as a fearless victor who follows her dreams and served her country.

Francheska Monroe is making moves and will soon be an operating home bakery. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook as @CarryTheBaker.

Let’s raise a glass as we honor this queen who is doing her thing!


See. Learn. Inspire. Make Moves

I’m still a CEO

This one is for my fellow CEO’s… I know that we are increasingly  concerned with the drastic changes in business, so I am here offing a tip for making this time at home a productive one. Closing doors also means closing pockets for the majority of us entrepreneurs around the world. I would like to offer tips to disrupt the stress and inspire you to see a benefit in this unpredictable time.

While everything is closed… this is an EXCELENT time for:


  • While operating a business; as the owner there is not always time to keep up with the latest changes and  information concerning your field whether it be equipment, knowledge of the industry, or creative ways you can expand your business. Now is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and do some research. Studying your industry during this down time will allow you to blossom from this crisis as a more knowledgeable and effective member in your business.

Work on your Social Media Presence

  • We all have things that we can improve on. This is the perfect time to watch a few free YouTube videos that teach you how to convey a clear message on social media and then implement them. Social media has everything to do with being intentional and dedicating time in order to be effective. It’s a good thing that time is one the one thing we have in abundance during this crisis.

Selah…Please let me know if these tips help you.


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Plan for the absolute worst!

When opening my business, I looked at the finances, supplies, décor, and community connections, but the only thing I did not spend enough time on was the WORST-CASE SCENARIO.

The one thing I wish I had prepared for was all the horrible things that happens while running a business such as:

  • Unreliable employees
  • Building malfunctions
  • Crazy illogical customers

When planning a business, it’s easy to take note of all the wonderful things you will be doing as a business, but it is crucial that you understand that people are crazy. It may seem as if I’m being silly or facetious, but I am being serious. In order to run a successful business, you must plan for handling unfathomable situations.

What would you do if your loss power in your building? How would you handle a customer complaint? How do you handle lazy employees?  Can you afford to fire them and pay more for reliable employees? How can you control how your business is perceived on social media? 

I believe wonderful things will happen in your business, but in order to survive you must consider the contrary things that happens as well. Today, take time and plan for the worst so that life can huff and puff but will not blow your business down.


See. Learn. Inspire. Make Moves

Starting a business is like having a child.

In the same way that a mother gains new life as they learn of pregnancy. An entrepreneur also gains a new wind creating a business.

Personally, I have opened an early learning academy and let me be the one to tell you this has been no easy journey!! You can plan for years but there is nothing like owning your own business, you know with rent… employees… and most of all customers. Turning my sign from closed to open was scary because I didn’t know what I would be like as the owner of my baby dream.

I had a similar feeling when the doctor looked at me and said that I could go home with my child. While I was excited to go home, I was scared! I wanted to give my child every great, beautiful, and loving thing worthy of the majestic life I was trusted with.  I wanted to be knowledgeable, caring, and incredible as a parent, and that same intention is how I opened the early learning academy. I wanted to present my community with the best, owning a business at the age of 32 I became the parent of a fulfilled dream, but opening my business even being a parent with intention was difficult and pleasant.

Join me on my owners journey I will share the truth about living your dream. I am a mother, wife, sister, friend…. And entrepreneur.


See. Learn. Inspire. Make Moves