Acknowledge the Win

Do you know when you have won in life? Sometimes we can be so engulfed with success, we fail to acknowledge the battles we have won. If you look at life today, have you overcome struggles, conquered a bad habit, or paid off a debt you thought would never go away? Well then it’s time to lift up your head and be thankful! Acknowledge your win and tell God you appreciate what He has done in your life; whether you made it to work on time, or published your first book… it deserves to be celebrated. If no one else noticed, or has told you yet… I am proud of you! In God there is victory, and my friend we are winning.




Picture me loving you


Whole heartily

With communication shared between time

And my day playing ring around the rosy in your mind

In memorial of your sweet gestures

I close my eyes and lick my lips to remember us five minutes ago

I blush when your ring tone sings

And hang my head when I think of the wings

We soar past forever’s edge

Cause we love with our hearts and not with our heads