Looks can be deciving

If you are a Christian, it crucial that you develop a relationship with God for yourself. While going to church, and fellowshipping are fortifying to your relationship and walk with God, you should never negate the responsibility you have to become knowledgeable about who God is. The Bible is our gift as Christians to see various dimensions of God. The problem with relying on a person for your salvation is that people are flawed, we as a human beings are incapable of being faultless. So basing a divine relationship with a broken person, is a surefire way of having a life full of confusion and pain. God loves you enough to speak to you directly in his word. Every meaningful relationship takes time, energy, and intention for the relationship to thrive; If you take away your time, energy or intention from God and give it to a person…then you are blocking the greatest love that ever exists. Do not lean to the left or right to determine who you should be a Christian, go to your word turn to God. No one on this planet, no matter how confident, safe, happy and seemingly “Christian” can take the place of God in your life. No one.


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How do I become a person who prays? #keepitreal

Too many times in our life, situations pile up like five o clock traffic, and while we’re in the midst of feeling stuck and aggravated, we do what comes naturally to us. Call a friend, scroll twitter, facebook or other social media. So today I want to talk to you about making prayer a natural reaction to life. Just like any habit, prayer is something you work at until your muscle memory defaults to prayer. You can train your thoughts to be on God when things are happening in your life. How? Start with 5 minutes a day; there is an amazing prayer app called “ the prayer app” that has tons of prayers for every occasion. Most of the prayers are less than 2  minutes long, download the app (it’s free) and find five minutes of your day to stop and pray. It has been said that it takes 21 days to create a habit, so if you can commit today to taking 5 minutes to pray for 21 days, I guarantee your life will never be the same. Let me know if you can commit 5 Minutes to pray for 21 days!


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“Change is not something you were born with and can’t change, like your fingerprints. It is something you were not born with and must take responsibility for forming.” Jim Rohn

Just like any other muscle in your body, you can train your lifestyle to be what you desire. I often talk about the power of having a mentor, someone who has been where you want to go. Today I would encourage each and every one of you to have someone positively influencing your life. Namely God, but also someone tangible, that can help you understand your greatest self! You do not have to personally know the person, but it’s important to be able to tap into their perspective when it concerns your dreams.


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Nightly Prayer

I have been blessed to have an incredibly informative day filled with family and friends who helped me remember the importance of having a vision, and pursuing the idea fully and fearlessly. One thing I would encourage each and every one of you to do tonight is to make sure prayer is a  non-negotiated part of your day.  Here is a prayer that I have read and enjoyed and I would like to share it with you. It’s from the book ” The Prayer Book” Peace and good night

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Bedroom Blessing

I bless you a doorway to this bedroom as the gate of security of the room bed, I bless you with serenity and peace, I bless you as a place of dreams and presence of our God.  I bless you with the blessings of rest and refreshment; I bless your bed.. as a gentle initiation to slumber and sleep. To regenerate bedroom, i bless you with quietness. I bless you to be a haven that angels watch over I bless you as a private place, leaving all the cares of the day at the gate. I bless you as the place where we awake, fresh and alive to begin each day. I bless you as a place of beauty I do this blessing in the name of Jesus;  Who neither sleeps nor slumbers but gives to us to His beloved even in our sleep.

What do you Eat?

Many times when you have an ailment in your body and you can’t explain how it came to be, a doctor asks you to make a list of the things you eat. The concept is that you are putting something into your body that is harming you because there is no sign of destruction from the inside. A list allows the doctor to see your habits, and what you have been feeding your body, so that he can then pinpoint what is going wrong.

Today, if something is ailing you in your life, I ask… what are you eating? If you made a list of all the conversations, television, radio, friendship, and relationships you have subjected yourself to, could you put your finger on what’s hurting you the most?  Sometimes we think God is doing something to us or life has an agenda against us when that’s not true! Some of the issues we face is because we allow it into our life. We have to be careful what we eat ladies and gentlemen. God has made us in such a beautifully courageous way, but it is our responsibility to aid this flesh with the best nutrients possible. What is the best? Prayer time, positive television, uplifting friends, relationships that push you and don’t pull you down. You are in control of what occupies you mind and your heart, so it may be time to get on a spiritual diet. Take back the control and cut out whats hurting you.

Let’s throw out the toxins today! Peace

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Invest in you!

When it comes to development, we have to ensure we are spending more time evolving ourselves and less entertaining ourselves. Whiles its important to have a time to laugh and wind down…if the majority of your time is spent doing things that do not feed you spiritually, inspire you mentally, or teach you physically, then you are wasting time and opportunity. You deserve to be your best, and being your best means that you are discipline with your time and attention. Trust me, when you dive into purpose leaving nothing behind, you become the best and your craft become its best. Trust me, television, radio, and hanging out will always be there. What is fleeting is the opportunity to prepare yourself for the next level of blessing.

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Cant get Inspired?

Life sometimes can be redundant. Waking up, going to working, kids, dinner, then the day ends. Do you want to know how to infuse your day with some zeal, inspiration, and passion? The answer isn’t deep…. All you have to do is take time for you! When you’re consumed with day to day issues, it’s harder to reach outside of the box to create. A moment alone will free your mind from the day and allow you to focus on what matters, your inspiration. No matter what happens in the day, make yourself a priority. 10, 15 or 20 minutes to yourself will spark a moment a peace, clarity, and inspiration we all need to go after our dreams. Peace

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