Life can be a Circus!

2ec36f651750f19936dd95facdb5f266What is one of the secrets to success? Discipline. Don’t be afraid to put yourself on a schedule. Sometimes we work so hard to be off of the “clock” when time is crucial to prevail in life. If you can control your time, you can narrow the street you’re walking on, neglecting unnecessary distractions that will come up in life to deter you from your goal. If you can learn to structure yourself, life will have less room to do it for you. Write down the events of one day, I guarantee you would be surprised at how time is used in one day. If the majority of your time is not spent on your gift or passion, it’s time to reorganize; plan out who you want to be and be it. Peace.



The power of a Mentor

Innovation is amazing, but without direction you may be spinning a wheel twice as hard as you have to. The word of God says there is nothing new under the sun, so your dream while fresh, may be accomplished by watching someone who has been in your place before. Having a mentor is humbling, it allows an unbiased opinion on what matters most, your purpose and ambition. I am thankful for the wonderful people who have gone before me, and long ago I made the decision to put pride aside and find someone who is doing what I want to do and follow the pattern. #gogetyourblessing #intimacychurch #learning is growing

Pregnancy is work!

Don’t get me wrong I am both excited and privileged to be pregnant, but there are some crucial truths that are left out when you decide to have a child. While the beauty of the experience is undeniable, you have to be be geared up for a journey that requires you to be patient, flexible, and most of all willing to set “self” aside for the development of this miraculous happening. The same applies in Christ! Often times we want to birth revolutions and world changing ideas, but we are not aware of the cost, because we have spent NO time in Gods word or His face. Then, once the journey begins and we can’t sleep, our bodies ache, our patients is tried, we become discouraged instead of geared up for the next trimester because we can’t tell the difference between being matured and developed vs signs that we are going the wrong way. It’s time we seek God first in every single area in our life. God wants to use us to change the way our world is experienced, but you and I have to prepare for not only the arrival but the responsibility that God has placed inside of you and I.





It’s amazing how we convince ourselves that we have so much time to accomplish life; until a deadline taps you on the shoulder and reminds time of its tardy habits. There are so many things in life I have written down and would love to accomplish, but I have found myself harboring the dreams and desires on paper. They never went into action, making yet another procrastinator in this world. So in light of this realization, I am telling any and everyone to do something today that you didn’t do yesterday. Not just anything, something that encourages your dreams and aspirations. Ignite your imagination and run with it for 30 minutes or an hour. However long is not important, just do it. Trust me, taking time out of your day to push toward your dreams gives you not only a joyful disposition, but allows you to throw pebbles in the pond you wish to cross. If you continue to throw the pebbles in the pond, eventually you can walk on over without getting your feet wet.


Hear with compassion, speak with your heart
Hear with compassion, speak with your heart

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