Do your best all the time!

I’ve heard an amazing quote today! Giving 99% is the same as giving 0%. When you understand your purpose, your gift, your reason for existing… it is your responsibility to run after it with everything you have. Research it, develop yourself in that field, and do everything you can to be as efficient as you can. Not just for you, but because our legacy depends on it.

Be blessed. Peace.


Last Monday I had surgery, and since then an unexpected change in my life has been insomnia! But, I’m not complaining, insomnia gives me the opportunity to read, pray, and listen while the world sleeps. To everything there’s a season… And this must be the season of the night owl. A time to rest, grow and reflect.

So many times as human beings we can be so competitive with ourselves, we chase one season without completing the current one. If your world begins to crumble under you feet, ask God if it’s time for you to move. Learn to live again. Not for a status update, tweet, or instagram response; live because your worth it. Look at every season for what it is, an opportunity to grow and mature. Experience the joy, pain, anger, and gladness because those elements will prepare you for the next level in life. 

Acknowledge your season, and live it freely. Peace

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Rise up

Have you ever heard a song that expressed exactly how you felt? That’s what happened today when I heard a beautiful song by #AndraDay. I have been writing lately about overcoming and #AndraDay – Rise up puts the perfect melody to what I been portraying through blogs and tweets. This song is the embodiment of getting out of struggle, pain, and anguish.

#AndraDay speaks with a confidence that says not only will I get pass this circumstance today, but I will continue to get up and rise past any situation that isn’t assisting in my growth, love, or development. When I hear a song that insinuates relationship I take it as an opportunity to put my relationship with God into perspective. Am I rising past trials and tribulations with the concept of being with God regardless of what it makes me look like? Do I have the relationship that is built on loyalty and confidence, so when my back is pressed against the wall I am riding with God because He is true victory.

It’s time we rise up and leave pain on the ground where we used to lay. When you get up this time don’t look down or look back, walk forward with your head up. With each step change… think about how amazing it’s going to be when you win, when you meet the person meant for you, when you pass the test for the final time and receive the recognition you have been fighting for.

Enjoy this beautiful song and decide today to get up and move forward for good this time. Peace

I almost drowned

Both pain and blessings have been knocking down my door. When I was a teenager Pastor Valerie Holcomb preached a message about the Shulamite woman. The significance of this woman was the whirlwind of events occurring in her life. On one hand great things were happening then right around the corner something tragic would occur. I never forgot that message and every time life seemed to be leading me down a rabbit hole filled with riddles, confusion, and misplaced adventure, I called it my Shulamite season.

With every good thing that happened in the last few months I had some sort of tragedy follow closely behind. But, you see this morning when I woke up and it was sunny. That may seem small to you, but, with the sun rising God blessed me with a peace and unexplainable joy that said it’s going to be ok. No need to be confused, depressed, or hard to get along with, IM GOING TO MAKE IT OK. Endure this season, enjoy the highs and cry in the lows. But my child, only cry for a night because in the morning the sun will rise yet again. You see even when you can’t see the sun, it’s still shining.

So my message to all of my brothers and sisters who feel like they are drowning today, breathe in the highs and cry in lows, but put a time limit on those tears. Because your morning is coming, right now we must simply endure! How, find the light; a person, song, goal, food, place, smell, whatever you can do to smile, do it. Hold on to it. Before you know it, you’ll be smiling into your next season, which means YOU MADE IT.

Good Girls find Purpose!

Do what you do because your called to do it!
You know what makes our older generation amazing, they are authentically themselves. If you look at interviews of people deemed wise or “ in touch” what do they all have in common? The ability to connect with purpose and run with it, without accolades, standing ovation, or social media shares. What makes your heart beat a little faster, what do you think about when your head hits the pillow at night, what makes you smile from the inside out? THAT is your purpose.
God put so many broken people in the bible doing courageous life changing things, why? So that we can see that life isn’t about looking the part or being something that has walked this earth before. We all have a responsibility to live the life God has given us and effect change in our lane.
Its time to grow, its time to evolve past normality and live your purpose. Don’t wait on the person to your left or your right, do it because you were made to be great! Peace.


Watch your mouth!

Proverbs 18:21King James Version (KJV)

21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

In a lifecycle, many of us wonder why there may be a constant wheel of destruction pedaling around our existence. Before you jump off of the hamster wheel or wave the white flag, I must pose a question. Have you brought life to the negativity by sharing it to everyone who will hear, or have you taken a negative situation and brought Gods word to the equation propelling life in front of the circumstance?

It’s easy to be speak negativity, but it takes strength and discipline to keep quiet and only say the things you want to prosper. God has given each and every one of us the ability to bring life and death into our world through our mouths. Meaning, what we say matters!

It’s not easy, but controlling what comes out of your mouth will literally change your life. When something negative accords, look at the situation ask God what you should do. After that, we really have no need of mentioning the situation again unless we are seeking outside of God for an answer. If we are looking to people, and not solely on God, then you have the answer to why your life is in shambles. Council is appropriate, when it’s what God wants you to do, but most times we seek and value others opinion over Gods word.  Make the pledge today to speak positivity and I guarantee it will change the path of your life forever. Peace.

Good Girls know the truth…

At times, when one looks at a good girl they assume the person wearing a smile on their face has it all together, doesn’t stress, worry or have insecurity… but that my friend is not correct. The good girl just knows a simple truth; publically sulking in your situation does not make it better. The smile on a good girls face is simply an indication that faith is prevailing. A personal commitment was made to God that says the turmoil in life will not change the character or spirit of the person going through hell. That commitment is called faith, believing that God will work it out no matter how ugly the situation.  The world leads us to believe we must act out every emotion we feel, but the word of God says your tongue is a sword, and says your thoughts shape who you are, according to (Proverbs 23:7). So today when you see someone smiling, you smile too, because now you know the truth. Peace

Good girls never quit

A woman named Kristin Jones quotes her professor saying “Dream but never sleep” and I couldn’t agree more. In life, dreaming is simply the first step in reaching a goal or aspiration. It’s funny because society has made putting on a smile and pressing through a negative occasion a fault by concluding one is not “keeping it real” or being their “authentic self” when given the opportunity to have a meltdown. But, in all actuality to achieve dreams, you don’t have time to sulk when things go wrong, pout when it didn’t happen your way, or throw a tantrum when someone treats you wrong. We activate our faith when we choose to acknowledge what’s happening around us, then make a conscious to decision to press on anyway. Your purpose deserve 100% of your commitment and drive, so choose not to cheat yourself today. Pick up the dream you put on the table, and don’t put it down until it’s complete. Peace

Good Girl 101 is the ability to control your body

There is a song I learned as a child that says: be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little ears what you hear… for the Father up above is looking down with love O be careful little _____ what you ____.

The ability to control what you see and hear mirrors the power to choose how you react to life. If I surround myself with the ratchet it is an enviable truth that I will have ratchet seeds sown in my personality that bloom when watered by life and opportunity. But, when you choose to spend time tasting the beautiful flavors of positive quotes, bible, self-help books, encouraging television shows and music; you can’t help but spout the wonderful seeds you have put into your character. Now, doing this may cause you to look like a goody goody because most people act as if they thrive on trap music. But, I have a secret to share with you… you and I hold the paint brush to life and God has placed an empty canvas in front of us. When we choose music or television we are choosing the color pallet and patters we will work with in the construction of life. If we choose broken, cheated on, angry, imprisoned and so on… that will be what we have to work with. If we choose imagination, life, joy, pleasure, success, then we will have those colors to work with. So be careful what you see, and listen to. There is a place and time for everything, you don’t have to throw your turn up out of the window; I’m simply offering you a tool to control your body, and presenting an opportunity to add more to life’s pallet. Peace