I don’t know about you, but I have always wanted to be an amazing cook. In my dreams I am the person who all of my children and friends go to for their favorite dish. It may be silly, but I would love to be the home in the neighborhood that always smells like a well-made meal even when you walk by. In my search for chef perfection I have found these incredible Chefs. Special thank you to the New York Times for making such an incredible article called: 16 Black Chefs Changing Food in America by John Eligon and Julia Moskin July 16, 2019. You haven’t seen the article?  Well here you go!

Chef #1

Nyesha Arrington

36, Los Angeles

Shaped By: Her multiracial family, especially her Korean grandmother and grandfather of black and Cherokee descent. Growing up in Los Angeles, with its unique “terroir” that blends Californian, Mexican, Chinese, Persian and many other cuisines.

“I came up in fine dining because 17-year-old me wanted to know the tradition in and out and up and down. I went down that path of France and nouvelle cuisine, which I loved. But every single kitchen I ever worked in coming up, I never saw a black woman. I had to see myself as a European male, and I assimilated a lot of those values into my cooking and my life. But now I value connection and finding the common denominator in food, because it is something that can transcend race and ethnicity and gender.”

Artical Credit: New York Times- Authors: John Eligon and Julia Moskin


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