Crafts are a fun way to get personal with your little one. It is an intentional time to be silly, messy, and creative!

As parents we are always directing and instructing. It is good to show your little genius that you too can follow directions and have fun. During craft time, let your little one lead the way. When you take time to do fun things with your little genius, you are teaching them that life is fun!

Below I have posted a craft for you and your little genius. If you do the craft be sure to comment and post a picture!

For more craft ideas check us out on Pinterest – SliM ( that’s me 😊)

How to Make Easy Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

Start by wrapping a pipe cleaner around your finger 3-4 times, leaving half of the pipe cleaner unwrapped.

Fold the straight end of the pipe cleaner to make one ear, then another, securing in the middle.

Glue a matching pom-pom over the part of the pipe cleaner where the ears intersect. This also secures your puppet in place.

Attach google eyes. And you’re done!!

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