Behind the Smile:

Behind the Smile:

I’m a person who smiles all the time. Honestly now it is a habit, so most of the time people are not visually aware of how I really see a particular situation or how I am truly feeling. While this has its advantage in the business world, it was something the Holy Spirit brought to my attention.

While there is nothing wrong with smiling, I came to realize that I wasn’t allowing myself to experience any feeling that I considered “bad.” I had to learn how to give myself permission to be tired, upset, or disappointed. Sometimes, we as Christians feel obligated to be the sun in everyone’s day when that is merely not true.  I have learned that I am a vessel for God; even when I am not smiling.

It is not a sin to be in a bad mood, but with each temperament, we can choose how to express a emotion throughout the day. That is what the scripture means when it says be angry but sin not. Acknowledge the passion but take authority of how you express it to those around you.



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