On this blog, I want to give practical tools to help people all around the world become great human beings! #forgivenessfriday is an opportunity for you to come face to face with what ails you, keeps you burdened, or changes your mood. Every Friday we will meet here and have a session of forgiveness. Comment below and let me know how the exercises are going!

Today’s exercise…. What do I feel guilty about?

Answer this question to yourself honestly. When you pinpoint the “guilt” you can begin walking down the path of forgiveness.

On this path you have two roads:

  1. make the decision to stop engaging in that “thing” if it’s opposing the greatness in you or
  2. find a practical way to alleviate the guilt.

Ex: If I feel guilty about not spending enough time with my children, I may now choose to use the last 30 minutes of my children’s day doing only what they want to do with no interruption, or I can choose to find peace in the time that we do already have together.

Next: ask for forgiveness and give yourself forgiveness. To find a prayer specifically about forgiveness from Guilt go to my Facebook Page Today!




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