Stand still

Psalms 46:10 says stand still and know that I am God. Do you ever wonder why we’re told to stand still. I believe because in order for Jesus to take the wheel and drive in your life you have to choose to be in the passenger seat. 

If you’re up moving around or fighting for the wheel you’re putting the vehicle and the journey at an unnecessary risk. But if you choose to sit in the passenger seat and allow God to take the reins, then being still will get you to your destination in a wonderful way. You see, being a passenger allows you to rest your eyes, your mind, and your energy.  You can hold things as the passenger, you can eat comfortably, you can even take a nap if you need to. Being still is the best thing we can do because when God Takes the Wheel we don’t have to muster up the strength to stay awake, be aware of every oncoming car ,or  drive through torturous  terrain and difficult construction. If we can learn to Simply Be Still and sit in the passenger seat we open our lives up to the possibility of the wonderful places only God can take us.


#SLiM #intimacychurch 

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