Resting B_____ Face

Resting B_____ Face

Warning: This blog is not about being deep, it’s about being honest. In order to change the negative direction in our life, we have to CHANGE the direction of our thought… alright, now you can enjoy.

Trends are interesting; some trends allow people to laugh as they curse themselves into pain, hurt, and agony. Not all trends are bad but are we paying attention to what trend comes out of our mouth? One that just literally popped into my thoughts were “the resting b**** face” it’s when a person isn’t intentionally making a face and yet they look like a (b-word). Let wake up and be intentional about what we say and do in 2017.

Change your language women of God. I have a resting blessed face. It’s not about where I’m from, its but about where I’m going. I was created by the almighty God, and He has infused His love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, gentleness, meekness, and let’s not forget self-control in my life. Therefore, I have no b**** in me to rest upon when I’m tired, thinking or dazed.

Sisters let’s stop wearing things that we would not allow our daughters or mothers to be called. We can do better; we must do better. Goodnight I love you, and God loves you which is why I must share this truth.

Peace/ Selah



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