It’s Time to get Disciplined

It’s Time to get Disciplined

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment- Jim Rhon.

My father taught me as a child to sacrifice now for what I desire later. For example, if I want a car, sacrifice getting a $40-50 Mani-Pedi every two weeks so that in a year ill have over 1000 dollars to put down on the car that I want. As a mother, student, teacher, wife, pastor, friend, sister, and more… I make a choice every day to get up and work on my passions. There is not a day that can go by that I don’t get homework done, feed my children, or blog because these things are stepping stones which lead down the road I said to God that I wanted to travel. Will every day be perfect? No! But when you put your faith to work consistently, then God does the rest. Today I challenge you to stay on the path… if you have a goal, dream, or passion don’t abandon it. You know what it will take so pick up the shovel and get to digging! Peace

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