Grant me the ability to trust you

Today during my devotion time I read 2nd Corinthians chapter 10 verse 1 through chapter 13 verse 14. Before I could even get into the study today the prayer given through my study bible knocked me off of my feet.The prayer  said…”use my problems dear Lord to make me strong and Grant me the ability to trust you.”

Many times in Christianity we are told to trust God and we even confessed that we trust God but when opposition  comes knocking at the door is trust what we actually have for the Lord? You see, until we get to heaven we will always have problems… But when we start seeing these problems as an opportunity for God to bombard our life and take over,  we then unlock the  Victory of God over every single area of our life! You see, when everything is perfect we have no need for a king… We have things under control, we’re handling things, but when things go awry in our life who do we turn to? With every opposition we have an opportunity to see our broken pieces and give them to 

God to be made whole again. Share this Prayer with me: 

Dear heavenly father Your Grace Lord is all I need. I give you my problems and acknowledge the strength of your power during my weakness. Use my problems to make me strong and Grant me the ability to trust you. Amen.

#SLiM @intimacychurch 

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