It hurts when things go badly

It hurts when things go badly

It’s scary when you see wonderful things ahead of you and but pain, disappointment, and anguish stand beside you. You know the scriptures and worship songs that encourage you to go to God, but you haven’t done it yet. Brother, Sister, the time is now- activate the faith you know exists inside of you. The only way you can get out of this hell whole is to say no to the devil. You have to stand on your worship, stand of your knowledge of God, move when God says move even if it’s not comfortable. Change the atmosphere and choose to give God the praise He deserves even when you’re hurting. Pain will come, but the amazing thing is that God is already all around you and your situation. You have to choose God, choose uncomfortably, choose blind love. Peace

#SLiM @intimacychurch


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