Stop Running

Stop Running

God can and will fix every single issue you may be going through in life, but you have to allow Him into every single area of your life. The good, the ugly, the scandalous, and the joyful. When you choose God, you are unlocking the infinite grace, mercy, and victory that God has for you. Someone today is running from God because you have been told or shown that God is waiting to kick you while your down, but the truth is God wants to do the opposite. He is waiting with open arms to embrace all of you including the private and secret parts of you. Today I challenge you to run towards God; God is the only unchanging love that exists. But you have to present your pain in exchange for His peace. God is a gentleman; He will not intrude and welcome himself into your life. You have to invite Him. Do it today Peace

Say this prayer out loud right now:

“Dear God, I want to be a part of your family. You said in Your Word that if I acknowledge that You raised Jesus from the dead, and that I accept Him as my Lord and Savior, I would be saved. So God, I now say that I believe You raised Jesus from the dead and that He is alive and well. I accept Him now as my personal Lord and Savior. I accept my salvation from sin right now.

I am now saved. Jesus is my Lord. Jesus is my Savior. Thank you, Father God, for forgiving me, saving me, and giving me eternal life with You. Amen!”

Enjoy this worship!

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