Looks can be deciving

Looks can be deciving

If you are a Christian, it crucial that you develop a relationship with God for yourself. While going to church, and fellowshipping are fortifying to your relationship and walk with God, you should never negate the responsibility you have to become knowledgeable about who God is. The Bible is our gift as Christians to see various dimensions of God. The problem with relying on a person for your salvation is that people are flawed, we as a human beings are incapable of being faultless. So basing a divine relationship with a broken person, is a surefire way of having a life full of confusion and pain. God loves you enough to speak to you directly in his word. Every meaningful relationship takes time, energy, and intention for the relationship to thrive; If you take away your time, energy or intention from God and give it to a person…then you are blocking the greatest love that ever exists. Do not lean to the left or right to determine who you should be a Christian, go to your word turn to God. No one on this planet, no matter how confident, safe, happy and seemingly “Christian” can take the place of God in your life. No one.


#SLiM @itnimacychurch @Senaahr

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