Lets get Intimate #growingup #intimacychurch

Lets get Intimate #growingup #intimacychurch

Do you know what my favorite scriptures is? Psalms 91- He that dwells in the SECRET place of the most high… Do you have a secret place with God? A place where you can be naked, honest, forthcoming? Is there a time in your day where you can put away all of the masks and parade all of your emotions both good and bad without fear of opinion? Do you have someone to cry to and laugh with? If you don’t, then you are missing out on the best thing that has ever happened. God sent His Son to die for you and me, just so that that we can be intimate with God.  We have an opportunity to vent, express ourselves, be heard, listen, unwind, be refreshed, encouraged, and matured… But the question is, can you be intimate with God? Can we as Christians put away what we have heard about God and been told about God and find out about God for ourselves? Can we trust Him with our real thoughts, joys, and concerns? I challenge you today to get a secret place; maybe it’s a journal, your car, a closet: just pick a place to be ALONE with God. And watch the beauty of his love mature you, please you, and make you a better man or woman on this earth. Peace



#SLiM @intimacychurch

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