Fix you #truth

Fix you #truth

Jim Rohn says, “Don’t wish it were easier… wish you were better.” One thing I have learned in this changing season is that if I call myself a Christian, that means I have God inside of me. And if I have God inside of me, then creation lives in me, and if creation lives in me… then I have the ability to become and do anything.

The stress of life has an annoying way of weighing us down like a boulder pressing its foot on our back until it gets too hard to stand on both feet. So, on bended knee, we press on in life, but that rock just keeps getting heavier and heavier with every step. I am here to tell you today to move on in spite of the stone. The enemy wants to have you by the neck so that the creation in you becomes silenced. If we would change the direction of our thought and intention from the rock, and focus on our destination, then we can have victory in this journey.

Today is your opportunity to get better! Whatever it is that makes you smile, gives you energy, keeps you up at night. Develop it, create it, spend time researching it…because you have the ability to win in life. It’s is simply a matter of getting out of your way. Life is not going to get easier; you have to get better. Stick with me and I will give you tips on improving the life you live now!


#SLiM @intimacychurch


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