Do you ever lay down at the end of the day feeling as if you accomplished Nothing! It may be that your day is filled with busyness and not productivity. It is not only important but crucial that you understand the difference between being busy vs. being productive. One technique that helps me accomplish goals, is making a list of the priorities I have. Once the list is made, I plan my day according to what I said takes precedence. As long as I stick to the list, every day I am taking a resilient step toward my goal. Today, strive for productivity… look at what your day consist of, if it does not contribute to your ambitions than it detracts from it. Anything that pushes you farther away from a goal has to either be remedied or relocated in the construction of your day. Knowing the difference between being busy and productive will not only clarify your goals, but ensure a clear and concise direction.


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