There comes a time in everyone’s life that you have to pick up a mirror and reflect on the person you are. When you take a car to the shop, they use a tool to tell you what is going wrong or missing… why would we treat ourselves with less attention? It is crucial that both you and I must submit to the most powerful mechanic there is, the Lord God almighty. It’s time we let Him look under our hood and evaluate how we are running. Some us need new windshield wipers, new oil, or a fresh paint job. But if we are constantly running from the truth of God will we never run correctly.

Often times we turn to God when our car has failed to start, a tire popped, or the locks on the doors fail to work. But how about going to God before you’re in trouble. Our soul needs constant purging and fixing. We need to calibrate our minds, heart, and faith on a daily basis, so that we can ride on these traitorous roads of life in the best manner possible.


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