When I was younger I would listen to Mariah Carey “Butterfly” over and over again. Being a teen you have no idea the depth of the words you are singing,  but as a adult you realize that this “butterfly” effect is something we experience time and time again in many facets of our relationships.

The butterfly effect is an idea that you let someone or something go , and if its meant to be it will come back to you. When you accept the notation of letting people be themselves, and let God be God, you in turn free yourself from the desire to “perfect” a relationship. To free ourselves from a person, job, relationship, or habit it means that we no longer look for the day or time a person would do what you want them to do, or say what you want them to say. By letting a person or situation go from your grips we often mask with titles such as love, friendship, or helping… we mature to a place where love and respect flourishes then you intern are free from the bondage of a toxic relationship.

So often we hold on to the very thing God is trying to rescue us from. Stop fighting and allow the caterpillar to become a butterfly in their season and their time. Spread your wings butterfly and if the job, person, relationship, or thing you are holding on to so tightly is meant to be in your life… it will be. Today free yourself, and free that relationship. Peace


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