This Sunday at Intimacy Worship Church we heard a message about “CHANGE” how to effectively do it and how to make it stick. So many times we aspire to do better, have better, live better… but our life or circumstances cloud our desire to move from one place to the next.

When we are faced with opposition, one thing our Pastor mentioned was having a dream board. Something physical in our face to remind us of who we want to be and what we’d like to achieve. The bible says to write your vision out, why, so that we can remind ourselves that God has more for us!

Let’s be honest, life can become cluttered with things to do, people to appease, and bills to pay. When we take a moment to remember all that God has done and will do in our lives we open the door to opportunity. From opportunity we open the door to ambition, from ambition we reach our destination called accomplishment.

Today’s challenge is to find something in every area of your life that you aspire to. Write it out, take a picture of it, put it in your face, and watch your entire world change for the better!


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