Rise up

Rise up

Have you ever heard a song that expressed exactly how you felt? That’s what happened today when I heard a beautiful song by #AndraDay. I have been writing lately about overcoming and #AndraDay – Rise up puts the perfect melody to what I been portraying through blogs and tweets. This song is the embodiment of getting out of struggle, pain, and anguish.

#AndraDay speaks with a confidence that says not only will I get pass this circumstance today, but I will continue to get up and rise past any situation that isn’t assisting in my growth, love, or development. When I hear a song that insinuates relationship I take it as an opportunity to put my relationship with God into perspective. Am I rising past trials and tribulations with the concept of being with God regardless of what it makes me look like? Do I have the relationship that is built on loyalty and confidence, so when my back is pressed against the wall I am riding with God because He is true victory.

It’s time we rise up and leave pain on the ground where we used to lay. When you get up this time don’t look down or look back, walk forward with your head up. With each step change… think about how amazing it’s going to be when you win, when you meet the person meant for you, when you pass the test for the final time and receive the recognition you have been fighting for.

Enjoy this beautiful song and decide today to get up and move forward for good this time. Peace

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