I almost drowned

I almost drowned

Both pain and blessings have been knocking down my door. When I was a teenager Pastor Valerie Holcomb preached a message about the Shulamite woman. The significance of this woman was the whirlwind of events occurring in her life. On one hand great things were happening then right around the corner something tragic would occur. I never forgot that message and every time life seemed to be leading me down a rabbit hole filled with riddles, confusion, and misplaced adventure, I called it my Shulamite season.

With every good thing that happened in the last few months I had some sort of tragedy follow closely behind. But, you see this morning when I woke up and it was sunny. That may seem small to you, but, with the sun rising God blessed me with a peace and unexplainable joy that said it’s going to be ok. No need to be confused, depressed, or hard to get along with, IM GOING TO MAKE IT OK. Endure this season, enjoy the highs and cry in the lows. But my child, only cry for a night because in the morning the sun will rise yet again. You see even when you can’t see the sun, it’s still shining.

So my message to all of my brothers and sisters who feel like they are drowning today, breathe in the highs and cry in lows, but put a time limit on those tears. Because your morning is coming, right now we must simply endure! How, find the light; a person, song, goal, food, place, smell, whatever you can do to smile, do it. Hold on to it. Before you know it, you’ll be smiling into your next season, which means YOU MADE IT.

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