Good Girls know the truth…

Good Girls know the truth…

At times, when one looks at a good girl they assume the person wearing a smile on their face has it all together, doesn’t stress, worry or have insecurity… but that my friend is not correct. The good girl just knows a simple truth; publically sulking in your situation does not make it better. The smile on a good girls face is simply an indication that faith is prevailing. A personal commitment was made to God that says the turmoil in life will not change the character or spirit of the person going through hell. That commitment is called faith, believing that God will work it out no matter how ugly the situation.  The world leads us to believe we must act out every emotion we feel, but the word of God says your tongue is a sword, and says your thoughts shape who you are, according to (Proverbs 23:7). So today when you see someone smiling, you smile too, because now you know the truth. Peace

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