Do you TRUST God?

c771783be6498a5be767f2867e363c79What happens when we stop looking for God to lead us to what we need and realize that God is all that we need?  Imagine putting all the energy we use to find “ourselves” into finding our creator; what then would we look like? What would we stress about, what would we fight against? If you want to be a great lover why not go to God who is love, if you want to be a better friend why not mirror the only friend who would die for you Jesus Christ, if you want to be creative why not become buddies with the creator of the universe.  The answer to your joy, peace, promotion, demise, it’s all in God. So, why do we stay so far away from the key to it all? Because we don’t know any better and life lies to us. Life tells us not to put all of our eggs in one basket but that is man’s rule, not Gods. I have finally come to a place in life where if it’s not God I don’t want it. He is the egg, the basket, the hand that puts into it and the hand that takes out of it. So now I pose a very honest question, do you really believe in the God you say you believe in? If not what’s holding you back? Find it, and ask God to conquer that fear, hesitation, and mistrust because the truth is life is despicable without God. Peace



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