Good girls never quit

Good girls never quit

A woman named Kristin Jones quotes her professor saying “Dream but never sleep” and I couldn’t agree more. In life, dreaming is simply the first step in reaching a goal or aspiration. It’s funny because society has made putting on a smile and pressing through a negative occasion a fault by concluding one is not “keeping it real” or being their “authentic self” when given the opportunity to have a meltdown. But, in all actuality to achieve dreams, you don’t have time to sulk when things go wrong, pout when it didn’t happen your way, or throw a tantrum when someone treats you wrong. We activate our faith when we choose to acknowledge what’s happening around us, then make a conscious to decision to press on anyway. Your purpose deserve 100% of your commitment and drive, so choose not to cheat yourself today. Pick up the dream you put on the table, and don’t put it down until it’s complete. Peace

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