Good Girl 101 is the ability to control your body

Good Girl 101 is the ability to control your body

There is a song I learned as a child that says: be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little ears what you hear… for the Father up above is looking down with love O be careful little _____ what you ____.

The ability to control what you see and hear mirrors the power to choose how you react to life. If I surround myself with the ratchet it is an enviable truth that I will have ratchet seeds sown in my personality that bloom when watered by life and opportunity. But, when you choose to spend time tasting the beautiful flavors of positive quotes, bible, self-help books, encouraging television shows and music; you can’t help but spout the wonderful seeds you have put into your character. Now, doing this may cause you to look like a goody goody because most people act as if they thrive on trap music. But, I have a secret to share with you… you and I hold the paint brush to life and God has placed an empty canvas in front of us. When we choose music or television we are choosing the color pallet and patters we will work with in the construction of life. If we choose broken, cheated on, angry, imprisoned and so on… that will be what we have to work with. If we choose imagination, life, joy, pleasure, success, then we will have those colors to work with. So be careful what you see, and listen to. There is a place and time for everything, you don’t have to throw your turn up out of the window; I’m simply offering you a tool to control your body, and presenting an opportunity to add more to life’s pallet. Peace

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