Check your blind spot


There is always time in life for reflection. Sometimes we can make a habit of looking to the left and right when things aren’t going the way we intended or planned; but I have a challenge for you today. Check your “blind spot”, look in that lazy, ugly, unspeakable place in your life and see if you are the greatest contributor to your own demise. Is it your lack of commitment to reading, lack of dedication to praying, need to gossip about anyone at any time… that holds you back from the next level? As human beings we are so accustomed to predicting the traffic of life, we often leave precaution to the wind and drive. We stop valuing the potential of danger or distraction that awaits our laziness. Today, don’t just be content getting from point A to point B; be intentional, specific, cautious, and drive your dreams with the attention it deserves. peace


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