When Love fights

abstract-love-imageThere is no love like the love of the love of our heavenly Father. This love is so incredible that it loves you past mistakes, failed intention, and even betrayal. God wants His people to know that you have His love. You don’t deserve it, because this is an unconditional love, but still God wants you to have it. This kind of love will never make you cry in the middle of the night. This love is so powerful that it kicks fear and anguish in the behind. This loves wakes you in the morning, gives you the ability to work and support yourself, has made a place for you to live… all while you choose to ignore it because of you don’t understand that you don’t have to “like” everything your lover does in order to love and respect them. If you haven’t today, thank God for His prevailing Love in your life.

#truelove #relationshipnotreligion #intimacychurch

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