The truth about Love

Love motivates you to give. There is something inside each and every one of us that looks for an opportunity to give to those we love. Whether it’s a compliment, a look, or a tangible gift; we have a burning desire from within that wants to bless the people we care for. If we say its God we love, what desire do you have to give to Him? If you scrunch up your face when I pose a question like this, then you need to evaluate if in fact you love God. You don’t have to challenge me to give to my husband because it is my pleasure to make him happy. If we develop a relationship with God, then we come to love Him enough to wake up looking for an opportunity to make God happy. You can do that with your attitude, you continence, smile, tithe, time… you name it and I guarantee if your aim is to please God with it, you will be blessed.  When we as the people of God start caring about making God happy every day through our time, talents, and being; I promise you we will become the world changers we are made to be… but it starts with love. How do you start loving God? Message us on FACEBOOK or go to and well tell you how. Peace 🙂


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