Do you have room for God

I just got back from my trip and when I walked into my house, the first thing I did was make a mental to do list. Things to make for dinner, diapers to buy, laundry… it made me think. When do I have time for God? So many times in life we can get swept up with things around us, but God really desires for us to have a space for him; something special, intimate. It seems simple enough because God is the Creator, he is why we have these things to do, but ironically God is what’s left out of the day. With this new year I’ve made a personal commitment to make room for God. Not at the end of the day when everything else that I have put before God is complete,but I am now being sensitive to the Holy Spirit to tell me when God is trying to talk to me. Then doing everything I can to be still and hear God’s Word, this is the year God has my full attention.


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