A little exposed

603551cc80ab41f96df563cea015c72128b45f08_mHello world,

Today I was listening to a song that i enjoy by Bruno Mars and he was talking about how he would catch a grenade, put his hand on a blade, do anything for this girl to know and understand that he loves her and I thought about my relationship with God.

In the song, God is Bruno, telling us that he went through death, not figuratively but literally and wants to know what else does He had to do for you to love Him?

listen to the song and tell me if it does not mimic the song of God to His people. God loves us so much and sometimes I am so saddened by our response to that love.  Today I will challenge you to attempt to love God the way He loves us. Don’t attempt death by any means but go out of your way to give God the type of love he gives us. The love that doesn’t have its hand out always asking for something…. or the love that doesn’t boast in failures but promotes the good in a person in spite of past actions or hurt.

If you would like, tell me about this challenge and how it affects your day. Peace.

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